ERINYES™ is a global multi-port data monitoring system that aggregates real-time, actionable threat intelligence. ERINYES™ is the premier product in the industry in this category; it also interfaces with the surface web providing the most comprehensive search tool for identifying economic and data-driven threats to companies and executive management. The ERINYES™ search engine identifies threats, threat actors and threat geolocation.

BOC Intel offers CyberHUMINT™ Training to corporations, security officers, intelligence officials, military, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The training courses are taught by internationally recognized cybersecurity experts.

Social Media extremist propaganda has become a matter of major concern to Social Media companies and governments worldwide. Governments are moving to create legal liability for Social Media companies which do not promptly remove offending extremist content.

MORSE™ identifies offensive media files from encrypted messaging applications, invite-only chat channels, and social media. The Morse content database makes it possible to prescreen and remove offensive content before it is posted or migrated to another social media site.