The Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is a consortium of world class cyber security technology companies bought together to offer a one of a kind approach to security. Whether it is securing a single person, a multi-national corporation or an international event, COA offers a unique proactive and comprehensive approach to security. The Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is made up of a group of partners that on their own are world class in their areas of expertise. Bring them together in a holistic approach creates something unique outside the three letter agencies of the world's governments.

Truly “future proof” — we built a platform to make the Internet of Things easy to use regardless of the data or devices you use — now or in the future. Our users leverage all of their data and hardware investments; cameras, smartphones, GPS trackers, audio devices, wearables, Automatic Flight Following (AFF) devices, etc.
Choose our patented and exportable platform and you can work securely around the globe. Use any combination of Cellular, Satellite, WiFi, and Narrow Band RF to communicate over. Use our API to extend the platform on your own. We offer multiple hosting options, so we can scale with you as you grow. We stay ahead of the technology curve so you don’t have to worry.
We replace the pain of IoT with 360° Awareness for IoT.

We have instructed college level courses in Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, Leadership, Human Factors, Policy Design, Risk Management, Civil Liability, Training/Learning Theories, Ethics, Human Trafficking, Firearms, Active Shooter, Building Searches, Combat Stress, Combat Mindset, Dealing with the Problem Employee, Policy Design, Criminal Investigations and more.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner and former Innovation Partner of the year, we've been proud to provide a holistic line of services such as business analysis, project management, system architecture, IT support, hosting management and custom code development. We strongly believe that this philosophy and approach to business has brought us a wide variety of businesses and organizations in the federal, state/local, international commercial NGOs.

JOSHUA’s joint agency response system and threat intelligence platform provides an innovative, centralised command and control system. JOSHUA expands early warning and detection capability, to increase safety in cities, at vulnerable sites and iconic structures, whilst responding faster to threats such as terrorism, cyber-crime, by saving life and swiftly returning to normality. The JOSHUA Platform provides World 1st, state of the art, CBRNe Sensor capability, cyber threat detection and artificial intelligence.