About Us

BOC Intel founders pioneered many of the darknet intelligence (DnI) methodologies one sees today, e.g. CyberHUMINT. We have actively monitored the darknet data since 2009. During the infancy of DnI, our founder developed successful methodologies for threat actor attribution which resulted in record setting arrests and successfully prosecutions of cyber cases.

We specialize in technical intelligence services which include lawful intercept monitoring and surveillance, offensive and defensive cyber programs, managed security services, intelligence analysis, and operational training. The company provides subject matter expertise support to corporations, the military, and governmental agencies.

We developed the first real-time data monitoring and analysis system and platform for the Darknet and surface web invite-only channels and Internet Relay Channels (IRC). ERINYES architecture is designed and calibrated to a level of sensitivity that permits it to monitor the largest continuous data stream of actionable threat intelligence from the darknet. The ERINYES search engine identifies threats, threat actors and threat geolocation.

BOC as a founding member of the Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) which is a consortium of world class cyber security technology companies bought together to offer a one of a kind approach to security. Whether it is securing a single person, a multi-national corporation or an international event, COA offers a unique proactive and comprehensive approach to security. The Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is made up of a group of partners that on their own are world class in their areas of expertise. Bring them together in a holistic approach creates something unique outside the three letter agencies of the world's governments.

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