Multi-Portal Data Collection

Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people.


Superior information collection and rapidly produced analytical intelligence reports.

Data Collection

A global multi-portal data collection system that contains realtime and actionable threat intelligence.


Analysts using real-world expertise in penetration tactics, and techniques, and supported by sensor data tools.

BLACKOPS Cyber is the developer of CyberHUMINT™ and holds the international record for arrests, prosecutions and convictions by providing cyber crime and counter-terrorism support to law enforcement, the military and governmental security agencies.

BLACKOPS Cyber’s globally-based multi-portal data acquisition network is the largest private sector collection agency of cyber threat intelligence in the world. The company engages in data collection utilizing traditional trade craft, sensor data acquisition and unique proprietary collection tools. The company produces sophisticated and timely threat analysis, from advanced analytics and review of its data base, providing clients timely and accurate threat analysis and a recommended response. The nature of the threats addressed by BLACKOPS Cyber are varied and may include: cybercriminal planning; tool development and execution; commercial and private information brokerage, weapons, ammunition and explosives distribution; money laundering and extremist activities.

BOC CyberHUMINT™ Analysts, using real-world expertise in penetration tactics, and techniques; supported by sensor data tools, are able to collect superior information and rapidly produce highly analytical intelligence reports.

ERINYES™ is a global multi-port data collection system that contains real time, actionable threat intelligence. The resulting database is the world’s largest in depth and the only database of its kind presenting real-time data. The ERINYES™ search engine identifies threats, threat actors and threat geolocation.

Social Media extremist propaganda has become a matter of major concern and the current focus is on Social Media companies. Online radicalization has been a fact for some time, however the continuing series of recent attacks has created a sense of urgency to act. Governments are acting technologically and creating legal liability for Social Media companies which do not promptly remove the offending content.

Morse™ collects offensive media files from encrypted messaging applications, invite-only chat channels, and social media. Offensive media files include files which are aggressive in content and are subject to removal from social media sites for violation of applicable terms of service. The Morse content database, unique digital fingerprints of images and videos, makes it possible to prescreen or remove offensive content before it is posted or migrated to another social media site.

BLACKOPS Cyber offers CyberHUMINT™ Training to corporations, security officers, intelligence officials, military, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The courses are taught by internationally recognized cyber security experts.

BLACKOPS Cyber specializes in the rapid production of analytical actionable intelligence reports. These reports are customized to the clients’ needs and evaluate threat actor intents and capabilities.